Sunday, 13 April 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore eraser

I think everyone who any sort of interest in makeup will have heard of this little beauty. The packaging is cute as a button and it isn't going to break the bank at £7.99 here. That being said, I think I am well behind on this review, I promised you this months ago, naughty me! I really wanted to get a proper feel for this product and wear it in all sorts of situations. So without further adeu...

As mentioned earlier, this packaging is literally the prettiest thing I've seen.I first heard about it as a dupe for the Benefit porefessional primer which I was eager to try. Reviews I've read are not so sure how well of a dupe it is, but considering this is so much cheaper, it makes sense to see how I got on with this one.

Overall, I'm quite happy with it. The main thing I noticed is that you really don't need a lot, less is definitely more. I take probably one quarter of a pea (does that even make any sense). It's also important how you apply it. In a video by Jaclyn Hill here, she used a technique of dabbing in her primer, if you watch her video you'll see exactly what I mean. I tried it with this one and it really makes a difference.

Now to the meat of any review, does it work? Well, I'd say yes, yes it does. It doesn't completely remove the appearance of pores, but then again, how much product would you have to use for that to happen? It does however, blur the appearance of them and gives the skin a smooth appearance. I've been wearing it under my current foundation (Rimmel Match Perfection, review coming soon) which is a liquid foundation. I did find that my makeup did slide around if I hadn't left the primer to absorb long enough and not set with a good powder. My T zone was also noticeably more oily than usual. This isn't a major problem as if you prefer less visible pores more than a matte finish, you can just top up throughout the day. For a lazy girl like me, it annoys me but not enough to do anything about it.

Overall, I really like it, as to whether I'll buy it again, I'm unsure. I may have as look a primer by collection 2000 that Em Sheildon from Em Talks blog swears by, I'll pop the name in of this one when I remember. Have you tried baby skin? If you have, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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