Thursday, 19 December 2013

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Evening beauties! I'm back with another tag I saw over on Couture Girl's blog (Her post can be found here), one I thought I'd especially enjoy as it's all about blogging! So the idea behind this tag is for bloggers to talk about why they love blogging, and hopefully inspire others to blog. To do this post you have to list five reasons you like blogging, your aim of blogging, top blogging tip and any bloggers who have inspired you along the way. So without further adieu.

1. Freedom: One of my favourite things about blogging is the freedom to write exactly what you want. It's not often you are able to say exactly what is on your mind. For a makeup addict like me, it's usually no more than a few rambles about this or that product, i've convinced myself I need. However, some people can use this opportunity to talk about really critical topics which can really help readers going through the same thing.

2. Space: In Couture Girl's post, she mentioned 'space' and it really made sense to me. It refers to the idea that a blog is a way to make a stamp on the world wide web. A small way to own a little and make it your own. It struck me as a really lovely idea and one I thought to share.

3. Bloggers: The main reason I began blogging in the first place is because of other bloggers.  I often rant to my family about different beauty products and they humor me but it isn't really something they are interested in. The blogging community is full of like-minded girls and boys that are interested in the same things.

4. Pride: This point probably sounds a little strange but allow me to explain. Blogging has given me a sense of pride over what I've achieved. A blog may not seem like much of an achievement to some, and perhaps they're right, but when I've finished a blog post there's no denying feeling a little proud.

5.Growth: Again, how silly does this sound. But nonetheless, I do feel that blogging had helped me in more ways than one. Firstly, a good knowledge of products and beauty is essential to making a girl feel good and secondly, I feel genuine enjoyment over having an ongoing blog.

Blogging Tip
Regardless of the topic, your blog will have a common audience. It doesn't matter what the topic is, provided it's how you feel or something you are passionate about, it's worth blogging about. If not a soul reads your blog, you can still take away the enjoyment you get from writing. I know it's like therapy to me, plus it stops me nattering the ears off my family. So my blogging tip is always write about everything and anything that intrests you because even if no one else reads, it's enjoyable for you.

Blogging Inspiration
Not only is she the creator of this tag, but also the reason I started blogging. Kayleigh Johnson from Couture Girl runs a lovely little blog, one I always make time to read. She is a perfect example of a like minded individual, even down to what she wears.

So, when all is said and done, you can gather that I love blogging. Hope you enjoyed my natterings and if you decide to do this post, link it below and I'll have a read. P.s how gorgeous are these images from, take a look they have some lovely pictures.

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