Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I got for Christmas

Miss Selfridge Bag

Hello all, Christmas came and went before I even had time to acknowledge it. Unfortunately, this seems to happen every year, time moves too fast! I see many bloggers doing the 'What I Got for Christmas' posts but I feel that I need to explain my reasons for doing it. Firstly, this is in no way a bragging fest where I show off what I've had, that is not the intention behind this post. I'm simply sharing the items I love from the people I love. I always enjoy these posts from other people and it's a nice way to share the presents and stories you've had from Christmas. So, after that rather long winded introduction.

One of my sisters brought me this beautiful Miss Selfridge bag and I LOVE it. My current 'Every Day bag' (which was featured in my 'What's in my bag' post) has been sporting seriously worn handles for a while now. I was actually planning on picking a new bag up with Christmas money, but this one is perfect and exactly the sort of thing I would have picked up for myself.

New Look Snakeskin clutch

This clutch bag was one I had asked for from Santa ;) and was lucky enough to unwrap it on Christmas morning. I had also asked my lovely boyfriend (he was seriously stuck for gifts)  for a pair of lovely 'Laura' heels from Garage shoes that exactly matched. He did in fact purchase them and we we're so disappointed to discover that the heel lengths were completely different. Had I not noticed and worn them, the difference was so severe that they might have genuinely caused problems. Not ok. Needless to say they have been promptly contacted, not friends with Garage shoes at the moment! Anyway, the clutch itself is so beautiful and one that I think will smarten up any outfit. I think it's love. 

Studded biker boots
These beauties were a complete surprise and I absolutely adore them. My footwear collection before Christmas was poor at best and was going to end in me walking around bare foot (okay, slight over exaggeration). These have buckles, studs and are leather, literally a perfect combination. I have been wearing them with leggins and a jumper for a really laid back everyday outfit. 

Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case
Urban decay are the kings of eyeshadow in my opinion so when I unwrapped this, I nearly cried. It has everything you could need, five beautiful eyeshadows, two bright blushers, one highlighter, lip crayon in red and the famous 24-7 glide on eye pencil. The eyeshadows/blushers are lovely quality and really pigmented. My favourite feature of this palate though has to be the shimmer, it's a beautiful gold and subtle when worn on the cheeks and eyebrows. I haven't worn the crayon out yet, though it's only a matter of time. Again, it's love. 

Christina Aguilera By Night Perfume

My all time favourite perfume has to be this one. I can't explain how it smells because my descriptive skills really aren't that good. That being said, trust me when I say that it is beautiful. The last thing I do when I have gotten ready in the morning is add a spritz of perfume to my clothes. It's the finishing touch that really makes me feel nice!

  Beyonce Heat, Estee Lauder Pleasures and Ghost Anticipation perfumes.

I received lots of perfume this Christmas and I was chuffed! The Estee Lauder perfume was one I smelt months and months ago and thought it was beautiful. My other sister had a great memory and had picked it up for me so was a lovely surprise to open! Beyonce heat is not one I had smelt before but I love it, it's really fruity and sweet. Ghost perfumes are consistently gorgeous and this one is no exception. My boyfriends parents brought this for me and I love it. Now I have the difficult decision of deciding which lovely bottle I'll wear each morning!

Urban Decay all nigher makeup setting spray

I will be doing a full review on this shortly so won't say too much but I absolutely adore this product. I chose this whilst out shopping to receive off my boyfriends brother as he said he had no idea what to buy me. I have tried this before and refreshingly, it does what it says on the tin. 

 Kitsound Portable Speaker in Frog

This was a stocking filler and I have already worn out the batteries on this little fella (whom I aptly named Freddie) It connects into the earphone jack on your phone and plays the music through the speaker. For something so little, you would be surprised how much sound they throw out. My sisters received a bumblebee and a penguin and I hear they come in all different types. A great little gift to give someone. 

I also recieved a beautiful leather-look jacket from new look, clothes and lots of other little goodies. I haven't shown everything as some I will be doing full reviews on soon. I hope you have all enjoyed as Christmas as much as I have. Although this post is all about presents, the thing that makes Christmas is always the people. I'm always reminded around this time of year what lovely family, boyfriend and friends I have. For which, I'm so thankful, I love you all!

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