Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Review// Sleek Face Form and Contouring & Blush Palatte

Hello all. I've been doing my usual and buying products I shouldn't. However, I have been seeing this product on blogs everywhere and just couldn't resist the temptation. In my Christmas list contenders post I mentioned the Sleek Face Form and Contouring/ Blush Palatte and how much I wanted it. I had seriously high hopes and thankfully, I haven't been disapointed.

So as I have never owned anything like this before, I was a little unsure as to how well I would take to the application. However, it's really simple. You apply the dark contouring brown shade under the cheekbones (Apply standard duck face here), then add the rose coloured blush on the cheekbones and finally the shimmer just above. It gives a contoured and lightly highlighted look to the cheeks. I absolutely love it and will be using it everyday. There's always the option to add your own blusher if there is a particular eye makeup look that needs a specific shade. I know I often gush about products but with this it really is a fantastic product.

As for price, £9.99 for a product of this quality is hardly high. For a student however, it is a little expensive for a spontaneous purchase. So, it's just as well that I had £1 already racked up on my superdrug beauty card (From my other many spontaneous purchases no doubt) so I only paid £8.99 which made me feel a little less guilty. Packaging is usually not a real issue with me, I prefer to have a better product than fancy packaging. However, I like to give credit where credit is due and when a product, like this one, has both the looks and the quality, it's a winner for me. The packaging follows the name and is uber sleek, though if you're anything like me, it wont stay this way for long. Mine is now covered in fingerprint marks and smudges. But, i'm really not all that bothered by this.
Now I have tried this, I will not only be ensuring it is a permanent resident in my future makeup bags, but I'll be checking out other sleek products too. So that's all from me, I'm snuggled up in my fluffy PJ's ready to watch 'Made in Chelsea' so I'm off. Thanks as always for reading and much love,

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