Friday, 6 December 2013

What to buy your Boyfriend this Christmas

So I think every girl who has a boyfriend (or a brother etc) has had difficulty buying the boy in question Christmas gifts. My boyfriends birthday is in October, so I have to think up two lots of gifts within a short period of time so I can definitely say I have drawn up blank once or twice. On some occasions, inspirations have come to me and so far, I've always been pleased with what I have brought. I do see many bloggers doing these posts and they do give great gift ideas, not just for the boyfriends. Brothers, Dads and boys who are just friends count too!

1. World War Z DVD £10.00
This film is fantastic, and I don't usually like zombie themed films. That being said, I think most boys will like it, although it does depend on their taste of course. It's currently in stock in all good DVD selling retailers (I recommend Amazon as it comes with free delivery here) and is a good stocking filler to bring up the numbers.

2. Family Guy 'Victory Will Be Mine' Boxers, Matalan, £6.00
I really think boxers are a no brainer and even though they can be a cheesy, go to present for pretty much anyone, you can make sure you're getting something a bit different like these family guy themed ones. Matalan have a great range, good quality and very reasonable in terms of price. Again, a great stocking filler.

3. Budweiser multipack, Price varies
If the boy you're buying for is a student, while you probably wont be helping their livers, you will be helping their wallets. Alcohol is one of those things that I hate paying for (I do of course) but it pains me to spend £12 on a bottle of wine when I know it could be spent on things like makeup (typical girl). That's why things like these make such good present as you know, providing they like the alcohol you buy them, it will always be used and appreciated.

4. Burgundy & Navy Hooded Bomber Jacket, Burton, £45.00
Now I understand that clothes are a very personal thing but I've included this as it's what I have brought for my boyfriend this Christmas and I think Burton have a great selection to check out. Don't worry, I haven't spoilt the surprise as he already knows about this because I made him try it on. If you think this is something your boyfriend will like, you can find it on the Burton website here, although when I purchased it, it had been reduced to £40 in store.

5. Now you see me DVD, £9.99
This is one of the many films to come out this year and is actually fantastic, hence why it's here. It's also a it's a film you can watch with your significant other that you'll also enjoy. Win Win. For only £9.99 and with free delivery (From Amazon, here) there really isn't any reason not to buy it.

6. Burgundy 'Easy Tipped' Polo shirt, Matalan, £12.00
Matalan have really been pulling out the stops as far as men's clothes are concerned. They have a really nice collection of jumpers that have the 'on trend' aztec and Christmas prints. For my boyfriends birthday, I purchased him a navy one with shoulder patterns (I'm not describing it very well but it really is nice) and he loved it and has been wearing it non stop. This is a plain polo that there isn't really anything to dislike so it's a good go to item if you know they have worn polos/burgundy before, plus its only £12.00 and can be found here.

7. 'Easy Printed' Polo Shirt, Matalan, £12.00
As with the polo shirt mentioned above, the same applies. It's good quality and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg like other shops might. This one I purchased has small burgundy diamonds on it. Again, I am really not advertising this well but it really is a lovely polo shirt to pop in their gift bag this Christmas. I would provide the link as the polo is on their website but currently isn't working so you may have to go in store if you think it's something you would like to buy.

So these are my current 'go to' gift purchases for boys! I hope they can give you some inspiration if you're stuck and most of all, remember that Christmas is about the people and the memories, not just the gifts! And with that cheesy line, I will bid you adieu'

Lots of Love,

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