Thursday, 5 December 2013

Instagram Update

Hello all, my apologies that I haven't written any posts in a while! I have been so busy and to add to the stress not only do I have university work but my laptop has also decided to break. Stressful times!

Anywho, I have been rather cheeky and asked for a new laptop for my birthday. Which is coming up on the 18th of December where i'll be turning the big 21! As to whether i'll actually get a laptop, it's simply a case of crossing my fingers! To combat the lack of writing equipment, one of my fellow bloggers alerted me to the Blogger mobile app. So, please excuse my posts looking a little different as I'm still learning how it works.
So as far as this post goes, I thought i'd try something a little different. A lot of my favourite bloggers do 'instagram update' posts where they post their most recent instagram photos and talk about what has been going on in their lives. I always love posts like these as It lets you get to know the blogger on a more personal level. So here is my attempt / ramblings.

This month has already been hectic and we're only 5 days in! The Christmas decorations in my room have gone up and my advent calendar is being raided in the usual fashion. Overall despite being very busy, I'm really happy. I think there is just something about December that just brings out the best in people and makes people come together in the Christmas spirit. Cheesy I know. I also have a lot of my friends birthdays this month and so I always get excited as to what to wear and going to the events they plan. I've recently dressed up in arabian fancy dress for one night out (OOTN post coming soon), had another friends birthday night out Tuesday of this week and I have shared birthday celebrations planned with a close friend this weekend. Busy bee indeed! I've also got a mexican themed house party when I leave uni accomodation for Christmas and also my own birthday celebrations with my family and friends from home. Overall, very excited to get stuck in with the celebrations!

I would say that usually around this time I'm really stressed over the buying of Christmas presents. This is usually made worse by money concerns towards the end of term and the work I have to do for university. So this year in early November I told myself I would not let myself get stressed this time round and be in a situation where I am just getting in the christmas spirit. And, low and behold, I have finished all my Christmas shopping and only have one essay left to hand in. Actually rather proud of myself for once. I'm also so looking forwards to being home and catching up with all my relatives and friends who I really miss while I'm away.

Well, despite the fiddly phone keyboard, I've still managed to ramble on and write an essay. Hope you enjoyed and as always I love hearing from you.

Lots of love,

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