Monday, 16 December 2013

OOTN// Arabian Nights Fancy dress

Arabian Nights Fancy Dress
Dress, Cafe Society £7.99
Necklace, Matalan £10
Earrings, Matalan, £2.50
Bangles, Matalan, £3.00
Flip Flops, Primark, £6
Clutch,  Primark, £3

Around this time of year, many of my friends have birthdays. This year, majiority of them are turning the big 21 (including myself) which requires something extra special for celebrations. So, I've found myself running here, there and everywhere trying to find bits and bobs to wear for various costumes. My favourite of all the themes was that of 'Arabian Nights'. It's the ideal fancy dress theme as it's easy, you don't walk out the house feeling like an idiot and best of all, it can be cost effective. 

My originial plan was to dress up as Princess Jasmine as I've been looking for a good excuse for a while. I had even purchased some hareem trousers in blue and a top I was going to customize. Though, due to delivery issues (I'm looking at you boohoo) the costume was non-extistant and I had to go back to the drawing board. 

I found this dress and absolutely fell in love with it. Cafe society is a little clothes store in Aberyswyth that is really reasonably priced and has some lovely pieces. I don't own many dresses that are quite this bright so when I saw it, it literally jumped out at me. I knew it would go fantastic with loads of gold jewelery which I had already brought a great deal of. The flip flops, necklace and clutch were items I already owned and thought they would go perfectly. As for the gold material draped over my shoulder, it was just some my mother had spare from some of her other sewing projects. 

The thing I loved most of all about this theme was the makeup. Youtube is absolutely flooded with amazing tutorials on how to do the classic Arabian 'cat eye' style makeup. To finish of the look, Claires accessories sell bindis and body gems, both of which can be purchased for under £5. I put one eye gem on the inside corner of my eye and at the end of each 'cat eye' flick. Unfortunately, the only photo I have which shows a close up of my makeup is the 'duck-face' image above, so please feel free to ignore my expression!

Overall, I absolutely loved this look and the girls accompanying me had fantastic costumes and all looked beautiful. The night was one of the most enjoyable I'd had in a long time. So, if you ever need fancy dress theme ideas, look no further!

Are there any fancy dress costumes you love? Leave your costumes ideas in the comments below, I always love to hear from you. 

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