Friday, 9 January 2015

Monthly Diary: January

Good evening all, I hope I'm reaching you all healthy, happy and well. I've been taking photos all day today for my little slice of the web and It's got me in the blogging mood. Plus, I've used my brand new bag for the first time today (yes, pictures are coming) and it's made me feel a million dollars! If only every day was a new clothes day, sigh. Anywho, shopping addict rambles aside, I've been talking to so many people lately who are just left drained from January already. What is it about this month that makes us miserable? So, I thought there was no better time to do my monthly diary post while I'm in such a reflective mood.

I think everything in the news is mainly the reason for feeling a little low at the minute. Every time I open the paper or watch the news, there's some new tragedy or murder. It's enough for anyone to loose faith in the world a little. I found it odd that when I turned on the TV today, it featured Angelina Jolie and she was talking about how, in our current society, we can be uplifted by faith and the human soul. It was actually about her new film that she directed, but you know when what someone says just connects with you? I decided that any time my morale felt a little low, I'd think of all the amazing people who do good in the world. 

On that note, I'll move onto something a little more light hearted, I'm going to be visiting my good friend for her birthday celebrations in Cardiff and I'm so excited I'm counting down the seconds. I've never been to Cardiff and always relish an excuse for a new adventure. I've also been on a shopping spree on the run up with all my Christmas money (is it too soon to mention the dreaded C word?) hence the new bag. I will be doing a haul post soon as I can't wait to show off my goodies! That sounds very bad. Anywho, I'm entering into the unnecessary babble region so know now is the time to stop. How are you all finding January? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Wonderful post! So true about the news, it starts to feel like nothing good is happening ♥
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. It's always negative things isn't it! So Upsetting :( still we have to stay positive and have hope that things will get better. I think everyone's miserable around this time of year! x


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