Saturday, 10 January 2015

What I bought with my Christmas Money

Hello all. Around this time of year, if you're like me, you're welcoming in the new year with a shopping spree or two. With Christmas money, I always feel like I need to make more of an investment with my purchases so I always make a list of the things I really want, to avoid me spending money on silly or rash things. I hope this doesn't make me sound ungrateful as over Christmas I've already received more than enough lovely things! These are only a few of the things I bought (mostly because I forgot to take photos of the rest, oops) but I hope you like them nonetheless.

For me, an everyday bag is a big deal. It has to go with everything in your wardrobe and needs to carry all the crap that always somehow ends up in it. But we're not going to carry any old tat around, oh no, so choosing one becomes a very personal choice. For me, I always like to think through what sort of colour schemes it needs to match (sad) and then go searching for a bag that ticks all those boxes (more sad). That being said, despite countless searches, I never found one that was just right. Last week, I went to visit my lovely boyfriend at university and decided that whilst he was in lectures, I'd do a tad shopping (dangerous). I walked into New Look with the intention of buying work trousers (lies) that I really needed (more lies). When I saw this bag, it was like birds were flying and angels were singing because I knew that I'd finally found the one. There was only one left but needless to say I practically ran over there and grabbed it. We've been hand in hand ever since. It's love.

When it comes to buying a new bag, buying a new purse to go with it is mandatory, right? I've always loved River Island purses for their quality and always seem to have really good card organisation (again... sad). That being said, not so impressed with the super large price tags attached. It's the age old question, do you buy a purse for £17 and no money in it or have a cheaper one with more dollar in? I don't need to tell you which I chose as this little beauty is now a permanent resident in my new beautiful bag.

I can't tell you how long I've been searching for a Topshop with the Orelia jewellery brand. I saw them shopping with a friend ages ago and loved how delicate the jewelery was and since hadn't found them anywhere. When I did finally find it again, I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity and picked up a few little bits that caught my eye. I love paring fluffy jumpers with dainty little necklaces like this one for a feminine look. Plus I feel like the anchor charm was just a no brainer. They also had other cuties like a wish bone and cupids arrow, adorable!

Grey High Neck Long Sleeve Swing Dress £19.99 Here
Rose Gold Contrast Centre Watch £19.99 Here
Black Buckle Side Ankle Boot £24.99 Here

This little swing jumper dress was a complete find. I think this super smart sort of trend is really coming into it's own. It makes you feel feminine, smart and grown up, all in one trend. The fact that this swing dress covers inevitable food baby dilemmas whilst simultaneously being the most comfortable dress ever makes it my number 1 favourite outfit of the moment.

I team the jumper dress with my next little purchase, these adorable little ankle boots. I much prefer ankle boots to any other type of boot as they lengthen the legs but are actually comfortable and weather appropriate. These are waterproof and being black will go with everything.

And finally, the rose gold watch. The picture above isn't actually the watch I picked up, but was as similar as I could find. My watch has a purple dial but is otherwise the same. I'm not sure what it is that draws me to rose gold things but I've really entered into a love affair with it at the moment. Plus, a good watch never goes out of fashion and what's more, looks wayyy more expensive than it is.

It was actually these love heart earrings that drew me to the Orelia brand in the first place. They are so tiny and delicate, the photo really doesn't do them justice. Put it this way, they are probably about 6mm wide, that's tiny. The little butterfly earrings (which weren't in a multipack by the way, just put them on the same card for storage) we're one of those items that you see and know you shouldn't buy but just can't walk away from. Zero willpower for pretty things.

Even I don't know how I manage to ramble this much about basically nothing. Besides the above, I also picked up a plain, unremarkable pair of dolly shoes and some boring old work trousers. Sadly, between this lot and nights out, I've depleted my Christmas money now. But my post winter wish list is not exhausted just yet. Next on my list is the Scholl micro pedi so I can start getting the feet summer ready as the thought of it is sending me running for the hills. Anywho, that is quite enough from me! If you've made it this far, thanks and I'm sorry! Lots of love,

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