Tuesday, 27 January 2015

How to revamp your old wardrobe

Images not my own, sigh.
If we're being honest, most of us girls (and boys) will admit that we've dreamt of having a walk in wardrobe more than once, I know I have! Looking at the pictures for this post was torture enough believe me. Something about the new year always makes me want to update my wardrobe, but unless I have a couple thousand to hand, it's not a realistic wish. That being said, I've managed to revamp my room with clever use of storage and in doing this, I've found I have much more than I thought. We've all had those "oh my god, this is gorgeous I forgot I had it!" moments and when your wardrobe is a tip (ahem...) they happen more often. I've set myself on a mission to have a neat and tidy wardrobe and have found these tips to help make it happen. Read on if you want to find out more!

Get rid!
One of the most painful parts of this process is the clearout. I had one recently and it actually hurt. I went through my wardrobe and, if I hadn't worn it in the last year, it had to go. The only things I kept were expensive dresses or quality clothing such as my leather jackets etc. Fashion can be quite fickle so quality pieces should be kept, but otherwise if it's not worn, it's gone. It was a difficult process but once done, you can see exactly what you've got and it makes putting together new outfits that much easier. Doing this once or even twice a year will keep your wardrobe clean and up to date.

Organise Organise Organise
The obvious part, you have to organise your wardrobe. By this I mean if you have to put some clothes in the corner of your closet, put the ones you're not going to be wearing. I.e, for me this means putting all my chunky jumpers folded neatly away during spring and summer when they aren't touched. Then, come Autumn, swapping them out. This saves much needed hanger space and helps you see what you have to work with that is season appropriate.

Key Pieces
These are the first things your money should go towards when you want a spend. For example, I'm always picking up basic t-shirts and plain dolly shoes. These are the boring things we hate to splash the cash on but really work for your money. I purchased a pair of plain back leather dolly shoes for £20 from Matalan and at the time, it pained me to spend the money. Two years later and I've only just chucked them in the bin. So you see, the boring purchases are the ones you need the most.

From left to right
Periea Underbed Shoe Storage £5.99 Here
Algot Wall Shoe Organiser £48.00 Here
MIU Colour Drawer Divider £10.77 Here
Algot Frame/3 Mesh Baskets £24 Here

Clever Storage
So there is no use having all your wardrobe de-cluttered if you put it back a mess. I've spent ages searching for clever storage ideas to make the most of little space. Periea Underbed Shoe Storage is a great idea to keep all your shoes together and easily seen and at £5.99 is an easily affordable option. Next, if you have a reasonably big wardrobe, the Algot wall shoe organiser may be a better option for you. This closely resembles the beautiful heel displays in my pictures above so if you're a heel lover, this may be perfect for you. At £48 it's more pricey but will protect your beloved heels.

Miu drawer divider isn't actually for your wardrobe but more the panty draw. Again, seeing all your smalls neat and in one place will save time and at £10.77 is an affordable solution. And finally, the Algot 3 mesh baskets would be great to store all your clutchbags and handbags, perhaps even shoes in the bottom. Bags take up a lot of space so keeping them somewhere like this would be really handy. At £24, it's an easily affordable option to keep the accessories safe.

Think before you buy
Probably the most exciting part of revamping your wardrobe is the buying of new clothes. I am the first to admit that with the new year, comes the new additions to my wardrobe. However, too often do I find myself in the position where I've bought new items only to discover I have nothing to wear it with. Then I need to buy more. Vicious cycle. My mom gave me some fantastic advice and that was to think about what you would wear an item with before you buy it. If you can't think of at least three things it would go with, leave it. Secondly, even if you really want something, wait as long as you can before buying it. If it's a rash purchase, you'll forget about it. This slightly boring, yet sound advice will avoid you getting into the "wardrobe full of crap" scenario all over again.

Ta-da, your wardrobe is revamped. Following these steps you'll find your closet cleaner, with more space and better access to all your lovely clothes. I cannot wait to get stuck in again and revamp mine. Lately I've been feeling a little safe in my outfit choices, so i'm going to bust out some old figure hugging pieces and perk up my style that way. Have you got any tips for revamping your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below! Lots of love,


  1. This is really helpful! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. I need to do it now though, can't wait to see results though! x


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