Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sinful Cuticle Oil

Hello all, review time again. I've recently returned from a trip to Cardiff for my friends birthday and I had such a good time. Since university, I've always had a soft spot for Wales so having an excuse to go back was perfect for me. We did a tad shopping (understatement), had some food and then went to hers to get ready. Despite it being a Sunday, it was such a good night out. It was as busy as any Saturday night and the atmosphere was amazing. Plus, we went to a cocktail bar called Mocha lounge and the drinks, whilst expensive, were amazing. So tasty and looked sensational. I was sad indeed to come back on the train yesterday, especially knowing I'm back in work today. Nonetheless, I had a fantastic time and I'm definitely wanting to go again!

As I am in work today (boo), I thought I'd kick of the day with a good review. As I mentioned before, I've been having shellac treatments on my nails and following the treatment, they apply a cuticle oil. I'd never noticed the skin around my nails feeling so smooth and healthy. My sister already owned the same brand and said I could try it (just once of course) and I loved it. Well recently she picked me up a bottle (thankyou Emily, what a babe!) and I knew I had to share such a fantastic product with you all.

Sinful do many different types of cuticle oils, for example my sister's oil is citrus scented. This cuticle oil is the regular version but still smells like watermelon, delicious. My main problem with nail oils in the past was how messy they were. You always got oil just about everywhere but your nails. This bottle is great because it comes with a tiny applicator so you can pop the tiniest drop on your nails and just rub it in. No fuss and no mess. It's perfect for night time application before you go to bed although as it does apply such a small amount you can use it in the daytime.

As for it's moisturizing qualities, my nails feel so soft and smooth after using this. It really does work. I've also noticed that using nail oils helps speed up nail growth, which for me is absolutely ideal. Overall, I'm so incredibly pleased with Sinful Cuticle oil and can't recommend it to others enough! Such a simple product for such good results. Thanks for reading as always!


  1. Oh, this looks amazing! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. It is, it's amazing! I seriously cannot fall in love with it more! xx


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