Friday, 2 August 2013

Fashion// Fall 2013 trends

Hello all, I'm sorry to say that today i've spent more of my hard earned cash (not that sorry, they're really cute) so i'll do a haul post at some point. It also got me thinking about what sorts of things are going to be around for fall 2013. If I haven't told you already, my favourite season for clothes is autumn/winter. I love all of the chunky knits, boots and cute scarf's that fill stores. So i've been looking at catwalk pieces I think will make their way to the highstreet.

(All images taken from, I take no credit)

The catwalk is heaving with what the fashion world is calling 'Winter Whites' and range from jumpers to gorgeous embellished dresses like this one (I'm hoping a copycat design of that beauty reaches the highstreet.)  WW's are perfect as they can transition that awkward point between winter and spring and will go with virtually every colour. 

I'm glad to say that it seems the wonderful peplum style we have all come to love is going nowhere this season (I should hope so i've just added yet another to my collection.) Whether it's a skirt, top or dress, if it's peplum it's still in fashion. 

 As mentioned above, the peplum is well and truly a non-mover in the world of fashion and can be seen here as a military style coat (which i'm a little bit in love with). Military is back with a vengeance and found in all the usual colours, brown, camel and khaki. 

Leather leather leather! My leather jacket is the gift that keeps on giving. If you don't have a leather jacket I insist you go out and buy one. They are the most versatile item you can have in your wardrobe. If you invest in a quality jacket, it will last you forever. The catwalk is also full of leather skirts, gloves and trousers (though I wouldn't say i'm brave enough to try the trousers.)

Emerald green is the new 'IT' colour of the season, along with the classic burgundy which makes  makes an appearance every winter (And can be seen on the peplum above). There are already items on the highstreet in this colour (New look midi skirt) and I think we'll see more to come. Either way, i'll be making sure i get my hands on something regal green!

Thank you Glamour for educating me enough to make this blog post, hope you found it useful! I'll be keeping it in mind next time I spend my well earned £££.

Thanks as always,

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