Thursday, 1 August 2013

Haul// My ebay Purchases

 I see a lot of bloggers doing 'Haul' posts showing off what they have brought and I think it's great. I can't say how many times i've seen something I love on a haul post and ended up buying it. Great for the wardrobe, bad for the bank. If I haven't mentioned it already, I am a huge fan of Ebay. If you don't have an account already, I highly recommend you get one. I have purchased items that are in great condition for as little as 99p. Well, i've been true to my word and been busy purchasing more items. So, I thought i'd do a cheeky post and show you what i've been buying and some Ebay tips if you want to get involved.

New Look Boots Size 7

As i mentioned in another post, I return to my university in september and needed some new footwear to tackle the welsh weather. I saw these cute little booties on ebay with a starting bid of £5.00 and thought they were perfect. In the end, I won them for £5.00 with £4.00 postage. I'm yet to recieve them (hence the rubbish image, apologies) but couldn't wait to post about them. I went into the West Bromwich New Look and found that they were still in store and in the sale for £18.99. More than double what i paid for them. Absolutely chuffed!

New look Brown Jumper Size 12

Again, I apologise for the shoddy photos! I just had to show you this jumper that i practically stole at only £4.99! The condition of this is absolutely perfect and it fits me like a glove (is that the saying?) I thought this would be perfect for wearing over leggings with a simple necklace to go to lectures in. Simple, yet fashionable. Which reminds me, when I get my lovely camera back I will do an OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) post and show you them all on. Those posts may help for when you look at your overflowing wardrobe and think 'I have nothing to wear!' Now as i promised...

Ebay Tips and Tricks!

1. Always have an idea of what sort of item you want before you shop

Many a night have I sat browsing Ebay and found multiple things I love, that I simply can't afford. It's always best to go on with the intention of looking for something in particular i.e a new pair of shoes or something of the sort. That way, you'll avoid an overflowing watch list and empty bank balance

2. Set up a paypal account

Sounds obvious but this will save you so much time and worry. Hopefully, you will never have someone not send you and item you have paid for but having a paypal account will always cover your losses if you do.

3. Look at a sellers feedback

Before any money changes hands look at their feedback. You may find this seller isn't as nice as you'd like and has a history of bad sales, in which case you can avoid them completely.

4. Do sell your own unwanted items

If you do fancy something new but can't fit anything in your wardrobe you can easily make money selling items on ebay. It doesn't take long and can make you some nice pocket money. I have made £50 in the past off just a couple of items and used it to buy new ones off ebay or in store. It's also great for the environment as you're recycling (now that's a good excuse to shop)

5. Do use Goofbid! 

Goofbid is a free service which bids on your behalf. You copy the item number (for example the boots featured above had the item number:171075775072) and set the maximum you want to pay. The service will bid for you in the last couple of seconds and providing it's below your max price, you'll always win. You don't even need to be on a computer for it to bid. It saves so much time and you can sign up on their website for free!

Hope you find the information helpful and you enjoy the many wonders of ebay (ha ha). 
 Lots of love,

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