Saturday, 3 August 2013

Haul// Holiday Essentials

It's that lovely time of year again where we all get to escape to somewhere wonderful. I love love love summer. The heat, the tanned skin and the gorgeous feminine clothes that flood the highstreet. I know i'm not the only one who begins buying things months and months in advance. I also suspect I'm not the only one who has 'must haves' that they take on holiday. Well here are the things i'll be taking away with me this year. Behold my lovely holiday essentials.

Image includes:
 Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes,
Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Mascara,
Elvive Colour Protect Shampoo,
Elvive Colour protect Conditioner,
Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Body Butter,
Hawaiian Tropic, Dry Spray Oil SPF 15
Hawaiian Tropic, Dry Spray Oil SPF 10
Hawaiian Tropic, Tropical Tanning Oil, Dark
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Sun Beige
Victoria Beckham perfume 'Intimately Beckham'

Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Body Butter, Hawaiian Tropic, Dry Spray Oil SPF 15 and Hawaiian Tropic, Dry Spray Oil SPF 10.

I am the biggest fan of Hawaiian tropic products and have been using them for years. Others who have used this product will agree that it's exceptional.  It's a spray on oil which distributes an even amount for you to rub in and done! The coconut smell of this product is gorgeous and a wiff in the middle of winter is enough to take me back to my holidays. This time around i'm only taking SPF 15 and 10 as i've already developed an all over base tan from sunbathing in my garden. In Britain (I know, weird right?) 

Anyhow, i'll also be taking along the Dry tanning oil. I'd heard of this product a lot recently and decided I'd give it a go as all of Hawaiian tropics have done me so well in the past. I wasn't disappointed, although I definitely recommend using an SPF underneath! 

Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Body Butter.

Now, I don't even like lime smelling things and yet this smells delicious! I committed the biggest blogging faux pas and used a bit of the product before photographing it. Why tell you? Well you can see it on the tub, whoops! Anyway, hydrated skin is known to tan far better than dry skin so an aftersun is a must. As expected, it's fantastic. My skin still felt soft the morning after using it.

Elvive Colour Protect Shampoo & Elvive Colour protect Conditioner.

It may not seem like what shampoo and conditioner you use is that important. However, I have naturally quite long hair which, when sunbathing, gets dry. That being said, I need hair products that keep it moisturized and healthy.  I'm also naturally a golden blonde and I dye it brunette so colour protection is a must. These are my regular Shampoo/Conditioner go to products and really bring out the vibrancy of my hair. They aren't as moisturizing as dry hair products are, however I combine with extraordinary oil (Review coming soon) and it maintains my locks.

Victoria Beckham perfume 'Intimately Beckham'

To me, perfume is the best investment a girl can make. I think having a fragrance you wear regularly makes you feel feminine and is an essential last touch before I leave the house. My all time favourite fragrance is Christina Aguilera by Night. It's rich, floral and for a student, very expensive. Therefore, I only wear it for nights out and special occasions (unless i'm flush in which case I wash in the stuff.) For my everyday perfume, I use this one. It's light and floral and lasts a long time. Best of all, I brought a 30ml bottle for just £7 (Wilkinson's!) On holiday I want to look and feel my best so this is first in my suitcase.

 Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Mascara & Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Sun Beige.

Makeup, we all knew this was going to end up in here. I buy a lot of new makeup products for holiday but the two essentials are my mascara and foundation. As you tan on holiday, the foundation you arrived in becomes too light. So, I make it my priority to pick up a darker shade. This time i've been a little presumptuous in the colour i've chosen, sun beige. If i actually get dark enough to wear this I will be a very happy girl indeed. 

The miss sporty mascara is only £1.99 and I'm really happy with it. It makes my eyelashes look long and curly, without any clump whatsoever. You're probably wondering why I buy a new one to go away with (or you don't really care.) Reason being is that this mascara dries out a little faster than most, though I can't grumble for the price. I always take a new one so if it does dry out, I can throw it and carry on using my regular one at home. 

   Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes.

 This is probably an odd product to include in an 'essentials' post but for me it really is. I usually remove my makeup with a cleanser/toner/moisturizer etc. However, when you're watching your luggage weight you have to watch what products you take. These are light, remove makeup really well and leave skin clean and fresh. They are expensive at £3.00 for 25 wipes but a one off purchase for holidays is fairly reasonable in my mind. 

I think this post has given a new meaning to the word longggg. Hope you enjoyed reading and have a lovely holiday if you're off anywhere. 

Lots of love,

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