Friday, 2 August 2013

Review// Rimmel Powder Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Review time again! It may seem odd to do an entire review just for powder but for me, powder is an essential part of my makeup bag. For years i've been using Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation (review to come soon) and despite it being one of my favourites, it's not complete without a dusting of powder. 

I have tried countless highstreet powders from products by 2True and MUA to Maybelline but this is by far the best i've used. The retail price is currently £3.99, which is perfect for a student budget. It comes in a few colours, though the only two I can name are Warm beige (the colour I brought) and transparent. The transparent is a very pale shade whereas Warm beige is a darker powder. Again, I apologise for having to use these photos, my DSLR is in my university room 120 miles away. Anyhow, back to the powder, the finish is light but can be built up for a better coverage. The only thing about the product i'm not overly fond of is the packaging. Many a time I have ruined a compressed powder by undoing the screw top and finding the base has flown off elsewhere. Just me? But, for the price I can't grumble.

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