Saturday, 3 August 2013

Update// My Twitter, Instagram & Contacts

Just a short post this time (I bet you're thinking thank god for that) to let you know about my twitter, instagram and contact details. Should you want to get in touch or see what I'm up to.


Twitter: @LauraJHobbs
Instagram: @laurahobbsy

If you ever want to get in touch with questions or comments you can message me on any of the above. If you're emailing me, please put in the descriptions box 'Blog' so I know what you're messaging in reference to. I always love to hear from you (I've had some lovely contact already) and will be happy to take suggestions for future posts, a bit of inspiration is always lovely! I'll leave you with some of my Instagram photo's to take a mosey through. 

Night Out.

Faro, Portugal.

Aberystwyth Beach at Sunset.

Have a cheeky peak at my Instagram for more of my photo's. 
Much Love,

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