Monday, 2 February 2015

The Red Dress

Good evening all! I am feeling happy (yet slightly ill) today as it is the first of February. There's something depressing about January and I'm not sure if it's the weather or something else. For me, January was a big month (Diary post coming soon) and honestly I'm glad to see that back of it. February however, brings happier times. Valentines day is coming up and I love nothing more than a good excuse to treat the lovely boyfriend. Plus, after a lovely valentines day, we have pancake day, woohoo!

For me, V day is the perfect time to get dressed up and feel a million dollars. Nothing says $$$ quite like a red dress and so I've thrown together all my favourite Red dresses to inspire us in time for V day. I'll also be doing a dress selection in another post so keep your eyes peeled!

These red dresses sported by Blake Lively and Rhianna look astonishing. B is my absolute girl crush and one of the main reasons I adore Gossip Girl. This outfit is no exception and she looks flawless. Plus, it's this picture that began my love affair with the plaited pony hairstyle. Meanwhile, RiRi shows she has some serious confidence by wearing this daring dress and looks absolute perfection.

If there's two things I love in this world it's Elie Saab and chiffon. There's just something so elegant about the way chiffon moves that makes it the perfect material for a red dress. I love the dress on the far right as it's off the shoulder design looks feminine and girly all in one.

I actually think that if I could get away with wearing Taylor Swift's dress to a dinner for two, I absolutely would. I think she looks like an absolute goddess. My only regret is that I'll probably never have an excuse to wear a dress as pretty as this one. Staring at it will have to do, *sigh*.

Aren't they just to die for! I think that practicality dictates that I'll be wearing something a little less OTT on the big day, but it's safe to say that I'm set on red. It's almost a mandatory uniform by this point. Following all the perving on dresses, It's time for some general V day pictures to leave you feeling all gooey!

And so I must bid you adieu! In the pipeline will be a V day inspired makeup look, a diary post and as mentioned earlier, a dress selection by yours truly. As of this moment I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing so I'll have to be sure to find out so I can dress acordingly. But lets be honest, any excuse to delight in outfit planning is fine with me! Have a wonderful evening (what's left of it, I've spent far too long oggling pictures) and until next time!


  1. This is great inspiration, thank you for sharing! I'm planning on a red dress for Valentines Day ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. It just has to be red doesn't it! Saying that, I do like pink an awful lot too ;) x


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