Friday, 3 January 2014

Spring time Outfit Inspiration

All Images found from Google Search *(not my own)

 Good afternoon beauties! Just a quick post from me today. I think all of us are eyeing up our Christmas money and looking at what it can buy us. I always have a habit of spending my money before the spring fashion floods the stores. Not this year! I've done my research and made myself a list of springtime fashion wants (post perhaps to come) and am eagerly awaiting my time to buy.

Above I've included some lovely photography of spring time fashion to give outfit and style ideas. My absolute favourite being the first image, simple yet stylish and I love it. I also love the fishtail plait that a girl is sporting in image three, my hair isn't quite this long yet but it's getting there. I'm hoping to grow it out for this year! I also love the wavy hair look for spring, it's so relaxed yet looks amazing. To achieve simple easy waves I just plait my hair the night before, dampen my hands and run over the plaits and sleep in it. I may also start doing 'Hair how to' posts, one of the many ideas I have for you lovely lot! As always, it's been a pleasure!

Are there any outfits you love for spring? Let me know!

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