Sunday, 19 January 2014

What’s in a name?

It's true! Lipstick and Lashes is now 'The Beauty Tearoom'. You're probably wondering why I have bothered changing the name. Well Lipstick and Lashes was a name I hadn't really given much thought to, and after seeing lots of blogs that had somewhat personal title (Such as Mascara and Maltesers) it made me want to give it a new name!

I guess I didn't know how long I would blog or how often so the name didn't seem to important. However, since knowing it's serious I looked into buying the domain name to find out all variations are taken and there are more established websites carrying the same name.

As for the new name, I wanted it to reflect more of who I am. I understand that sounds like a lot to ask for one title but I think The Beauty Tearoom sums me up nicely. I am obsessed with tea and drink it constantly, and now love my new found title of beauty blogger. I have noticed my love for girly, pastel images has only grown. My images of tearooms are pastel, beautiful rooms with macaroons and the like. So the name 'The Beauty Tearoom' really felt like it matched me as a person better than Lipstick and Lashes!

I hope you all love the new name as much as I do and I hope that if you prefered Lipstick & lashes that you will forgive me!


  1. The Beauty Tearoom is a lovely name! I wish I thought of it haha! x

  2. Aww thank you! I think it suits me better than lipstick and lashes did x


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