Sunday, 12 January 2014

How to kickstart 2014 detox

So I don't know about anyone else, but this Christmas I had a break from healthy living and seriously indulged. Now it's January and the thoughts of bikinis and holidays loom, I turn to my old tricks in getting that summer bod back. Now 'New year, New me' is one of my least favourite sayings, but I get why people want to be healthier to get rid of the binge eating over Christmas. So, here are my top tips for getting back into shape and having a good detox. I am in no way a health professional but these are the tips that I use and live by.

1. Cut out white food
White foods such as breads, pasta and rice are really unhealthy for the body. They contain unnatural colourings to make them white, make you retain water and various other unappealing traits. You can look up the full facts on google. However, from what I've read, it's enough to have put me off for good. Now, I stick to wholemeal versions of everything and I do notice less bloating when I do.

2. Drink Green and Peppermint Teas
I don't know about anyone else, but I simply hate the taste of green tea. I'm constantly drawn to drinking it because of the numerous health benefits, look up on google and see for yourself. To make green tea more appetizing I add lemon and a small teaspoon of honey to make it more bearable. Alternatively, peppermint tea is great to drink instead. I like to alternate between the two and aim for minimum one cup a day.


3. Don't skip breakfast
Studies have shown that people who eat a healthy breakfast less likely need to snack throughout the day and are more likely to loose weight as a result. I really enjoy breakfast and spend money investing in lovely fruits, oats and honey to really enjoy it.

4. Drink water
This was actually my new years resolution to drink even more water. I drink an average of around 7 glasses a day and really notice the difference in my skin. Water is free, doesn't taste horrible, removes toxins and improves skin condition. What more reason do you need!?

5. Squat, Squat, Squat!
I try to maintain at least one 30-60 minute cardio session per week, on top of constantly walking everywhere and anywhere. To tone up the bum (like the lovely lady above) I aim to do 10-20 squats every night before bed and 30 after any cardio or workout. There's a reason why it hurts ladies, because it works! To really speed up results, whenever I remember, I take steps two a time up any stairs I come across.

6. Tan
I often have so much more body confidence when I'm tanned. Now, I don't know about anyone else but I simply cannot afford to go on holiday all the while, and will never go near a tanning bed so I fake it. I usually use either St Moritz mousse for a dark tan and Dove gradual tanner for when I want more of an everyday glow.

7. Moisturize
This probably seems the most trivial but to me it's a really important step. In the cold weather, skin becomes dry. To maintain soft, smooth skin I moisturize straight out of the shower (or bath) with Palmers cocoa butter. It's inexpensive, smells amazing and is the only moisturizer that keeps my lower legs moisturized and soft throughout the day. If you're really prone to 'crocodile' skin on your shins then try the tub version of Palmers cocoa butter, it's solid at first and then melts on your skin from the body heat. It's super moisturizing and again, not majorly expensive.

8. Exfoliate
In order to make sure your moisturiser is doing the most for your skin it can, exfoliate once or twice a week all over to get rid of any dead skin. A loofer like the one above is perfect to leave in your bathroom to remind you. I don't recommend for use of the face so invest in a gentle exfoliating cream instead. The glow you get afterwards is worth it!

9. Bath reguarily
Even if it is just once a week, taking time out to have a relaxing bath is ideal for reducing stress and relaxing you. I find them very therapeutic and often exit a more positive person. You don't have to invest in any expensive bath bombs, just use whatever bubble bath or candles you can get your hands on and chill out.

10. Relax
Whether it is walking your dog or reading a Jane Austen book, if it relaxes you, take time to incorporate it into your daily life. I ensure that I do a minimum of one hours relaxation time which for me, consists of getting a cup of tea, getting in bed and watching an episode of Gossip Girl. Sometimes, I read and other times I go for walks or take a bath. Whatever it is, do it. Stress not only causes long term health problems but can make you sleep less, more tired, less positive and cause breakouts. It's an important health problem so make the solution important too.

So that is all for this post. I hope I've given you some tips that will work for you and get you bikini body ready. I know I'm already looking at some new bikinis and gorgeous destinations to take them. It's been a pleasure!

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