Saturday, 25 January 2014

Review// Maxfactor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation

Evening readers, it's review time again! This time around, it's Maxfactor's Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation (what a mouthful). With foundation products, I don't tend to flirt around with many brands but prefer to stick to one product. However, recently I was tempted into buying this foundation (as part of my post exam treats you can read here) by the lovely Jane from Poptarts Beauty. She referred to this product as her 'Holy Grail Foundation' (you can read her review here) so I was truly enticed into buying it for myself.

The foundation claims to act as Primer, concealer and foundation with the addition of protecting your skin with SPF 20, so everything you could possibly need from a foundation. In store, it sells for £9.99 which is higher than most highstreet foundations, but still fairly reasonable. Maxfactor have also provided us with a fairly decent range of shades to choose from, including a good range of paler shades. I chose shade Beige 55, which unfortunately has ended up a little too light for me when I have my everyday tan on. However, when all my fake tan is removed, it is a fairly good match.

The foundation comes in a sleek and classy 30ml packaging equipped with a pump dispenser. I find that majority of pump dispensers always give out too much product, however this one allows better control so you can dispense only small amounts if needed. The consistency is of a medium thickness (not overly runny but not stiff either), which can be seen from the swatch above.

Me wearing Shade Beige 55

Once applied, this foundation gives an even, matte appearance to the skin. At first, I didn't like the matte finish and thought it looked too much. I think this is probably due to the fact my skin is a little dry normally and needs an extra moisture injection. However, once I've moisturized and allowed to absorb, the finish of this foundation is fantastic. It gives an even, flawless finish to the skin and slight dewy appearance to the cheekbones. It surprisingly does also act as a good concealer to cover under eye bags. I have still been using my trusty concealer but more for contouring than because I actually need it.

Lastly, the lasting power of this foundation is better than any others I've used. Not only does it stay in place for 7+ hours, it keeps any power products on top in place too. Therefore, my eyeshadow and blush looks better and is longer lasting as a result. You can see me wearing this foundation in the photo above, it photographs amazingly and looks almost airbrushed on the picture. I've finished off my makeup look here with the sleek contouring and shimmer on my cheeks and my face is complete.

While I do have a full blown love affair with this foundation, I still cheat on it when I return to my Dream Satin Liquid foundation, but only for nights out where I own the darker shades (for when I'm fake tanned up). However, I will be returning to the maxfactor stands once my current bottle has ran out. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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