Friday, 10 January 2014

2014 Spring Makeup looks

It may not feel like it, but spring is on it's way so I've put together a mood board of spring makeup! I've picked out these lovely bunch (majority of which are Victoria secrets models) as they are sporting what, in my opinion, are the perfect spring looks to be wearing this year.

Of all the looks, I really like the makeup the beautiful Miranda Kerr is sporting. The red lips may seem a little too 'Christmasy' (not sure if I can get away with that as a word) although I think it works really well, I would wear my eyes a little lighter just for my personal taste but I think it looks fantastic nonetheless. I also really love tanned skin with pink lips/cheeks combo. I'm really not a big fan of having pinks on my cheeks as I think they round the face, but in my new Urban Decay palate there are some gorgeous ones to try out. As I've mentioned (so many times already) I'm changing my hair to Kerr's colour in bottom right image, so I think this look will go really well.

I think my absolute favourite has to be Emma Stone's makeup look. Her tanned skin sets off her blue eyes and I love that her nude lips matches perfectly, yet still retains a pinky hue. You can also just about spot that she is wearing white eyeliner on her waterline. I've seen a lot of celebrities do this to open up the eyes and I'm tempted to pick one up and give it a go.

I will bid you a farewell with a picture of the delicious Alessandra Ambrosio, yet another Victoria Secrets goddess. Just in case our girl crushes had not reached creepy proportions already.

Lots of love,

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