Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Liebster Award


Good Afternoon readers! I was having a miserable day today, the weather is horrible and I'm freezing my toes off in my university room. That was until I checked my blog to discover that I have new followers (BIG thankyou!) and two lovely bloggers nominating me for The Liebster award. The two beautiful bloggers who nominated me are Luci (http://lipstickloveheart.blogspot.co.uk/) and Hdotxo (http://hdotxo.blogspot.co.uk/). Big thankyou girls, really made me smile today!

So the rules are as follows:
1. You must link the blog who nominated you
2. Nominate 11 blogs who have less than 200 followers
3. Answer the 11 questions you were given
4. Tell the people you have nominated you have done so
5. You're not allowed to nominate the person who nominated you
6. Create 11 questions to ask the people who you have nominated
7. You must be following the blog who nominated you

As it was Luci who nominated me first, I must answer the 11 questions she asked. Keep reading to see what I've answered and who I'm nominating!

1. What inspired you to start a blog?
I first started because I was an avid reader of blogs and I already had a passion for makeup, hair and beauty. Blogging is the perfect outlet to discuss said interests so it was really a no brainer for me. 
2. What is your favourite season?
I love both summer and winter equally. Summer has the gorgeous weather, everyone is motivated and I love getting a Tan. My love for winter stems from the clothes, getting cosy with a hot chocolate and the good TV that seems to come around. 
3. Which 3 items would you take to a desert island?
Not sure if my boyfriend would be offended for me to refer to him as an item, but if taking him isn't cheating, he'd definitely be there with me. I'd have a water filter so I could always have clean water and a solar powered music player so I could listen to music in the sun. 
4. If you were a sweet what would you be?
A jelly baby because I would like to think that despite being a complete softie, I'm sweet too!
5. Which is your favourite colour/shade you like to wear?
With clothing I always stick to neutral colours. I'd definetly say I feel good in cream. 
6. Where is your favourite place in the world you have been to or would like to visit?
I absolutely loved Paris and Amsterdam but I would love to go to Vatican City or scuba dive in Australias Barrier reef.
7. Are you a heels or flats kind of girl?
Day to day I'm a flat shoe wearer, but I don't love them like I love heels. I'm definitely a heels girl for a night out!
8. What's your biggest fashion disaster?
The begining of college I was really figuring out my style, who I was and who I wanted to be (deep). I'm pretty confident that while trying to do so, everyday was a fashion disaster.
9. What's your most loved item and why?
This is a difficult one, my first thought was my phone as it allows me to contact the boyfriend while we are long distance at university but I think probably my laptop, I skype, blog and use it for my degree.
10. If you could buy anything in the whole wide world, what would it be?
A complete scuba diving kit, I'm guessing that probably isn't the answer people expect from a beauty blogger such as myself!
11. What's your favourite magazine? 
This one is easy. I have been a reader of the Look mag for so many years! Mainly because my mom buys one as soon as they're out and once everyone in the house had read them, they were great for cutting up and making collages.

So there you have my answers to Luci's eleven questions. I nominate the following bloggers as I have had a look at their blogs and love them! Here are my nominees;
1. Alix (http://alixeee.blogspot.co.uk/)
2. Lauren (http://lovelaurenxx.blogspot.co.uk/)
3. Jemma (http://beautyjemsx.blogspot.co.uk/)
4. Lana (http://lana-loves-lipgloss.blogspot.co.uk/)
5. Alice (http://the-fairest-of-them.blogspot.co.uk/)
6. Katie (http://realisebeauty.blogspot.co.uk/)
7. Casey (http://caseyslifeandotherstuff.blogspot.co.uk/)
8. Leah (http://www.painteddaisies.co.uk/)
9. Amy (http://www.floatylemon.com/)
10. Amber (http://ambloglife.blogspot.co.uk/)
11. Charlotte (http://blondecanvas.blogspot.co.uk/)

My questions to you are:
1. What is your favourite nail colour?
2. If you could have any hair colour which would it be?
3. Who is the person you look up to the most?
4. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
4. Who is the most important person in your life?
5. Where do you go most often with friends?
6. What is your most proud achievement?
7. If you could have any pet, what would it be and what would you call it?
8. What is your favourite beauty product of all time?
9. Who is most like you that you know of?
10. What is your best quality?
11. If you were a sweet, what would you be?

Good luck and I hope you all get involved in the Liebster award, I hope to see you posting your answers soon! As always...


  1. Congratulations Laura! If we were a sweet, we think we'd want to be an oreo!


    1. Aww thank you and that's a good answer haha! x


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